The German team used the new 3D scanning platform to produce digital specimens for insects.

Original title: the German team uses the new 3D scanning platform to produce digital specimens for insects.

(Technews technology new newspaper) insect specimens are usually displayed on the plane by pins and pins, but these specimens are very fragile, in addition to aging with time, sometimes even by an insect called the Anthrenus museorum, with the development of science and technology. Find another way to keep insect specimens for long.

The Newatlas reported that the joint team of the TU Darmstadt in Darmstadt and the Darmstadt Department of Applied Sciences (h_da) used four years to develop an automated scanner “DISC 3D” for 3D imaging of insects.

DISC 3D is very simple in use. After placing an arbitrary fixed insect in the scanner center, two hemispherical light sources will illuminate the specimen in all directions. Then the camera on the electric slide will move back and forth and start to take a picture continuously, and the step motor will rotate the central insect around the two axis, allowing the camera to be able to take the camera. Shoot from all angles.

In this process, DISC 3D takes nearly 25000 photos from 400 different spatial directions, and eventually combines it together to form an insect’s high resolution 3D model, and applies the real color on the surface texture. The person watching the model on the computer can rotate the details, or measure some of the size of the model. It even uses 3D printers to create an enlarged physical model.

Because the models built by the scanner are digital, scientists and insect enthusiasts from all over the world can view the information through the Internet. The prototype machine is currently being used routinely by two universities and designers have encouraged other organizations to copy their designs and also provide assistance. The research paper has been published in the Journal ZooKeys.

(the source of the first map: TU Darmstadt/Michael Heethoff)

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