“Small blue cup” Rui Xing coffee strategic simulation deduction and positioning analysis of deep dry goods

Original title: “small blue cup” Rui Xing coffee strategic simulation deduction and positioning analysis of deep dry goods

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  • Who is the rival of Rui Xing coffee, and what kind of strategy is it adopted?
  • 30 percent off how can we get a higher total profit from takeaway coffee at a price?
  • Rui Xing coffee to do new retail, new retail outlets where?

Rui Xing coffee is attracting your eyeballs, or tears your friends circle.

The coffee made by the Shenzhou team has become a net red or “net blue”.

Rui coffee team claimed 1 billion, to smash 300 million points of public advertising, free of charge for millions of white-collar friends to drink coffee, has achieved 525 stores for half a year, accumulated 1 million 300 thousand customers, sold 5 million cups of coffee, and threatened to exceed Starbucks in China…

Rui Xing coffee dropped a bomb in the coffee industry, marketing, Internet and capital circles. It also quickly split up your circle of friends when we were concerned about it.

(1) most coffee circles think that Rui’s coffee is to find death. According to the history of the coffee industry, it threatened more than dozens of Starbucks’s coffee brands.

It has also been pointed out that Starbucks does not sell coffee at all, but is environment, service and social interaction. Starbucks former staff said that Rui’s coffee not only can not go beyond Starbucks, TA’s “master coffee” concept, minute by Starbucks through the merger and acquisition of seconds;

(3) the positioning industry has issued two articles continuously, pointing out that Rui Xing coffee is against the positioning, and the 1 billion investment is destined to be a dream.

Fourth, some supporters believe that Rui Xing coffee is the coffee industry’s worship, not the coffee industry’s eyes to see Rui Xing coffee, but to use the Internet methodology.

In May 8th, on the day of the Rui coffee brand strategy release, we launched a Rui coffee grinder meeting, bringing together more than 160 coffee and marketing friends, including many friends of Rui coffee, coffee, Starbucks, coffee, ZOO coffee, coffee wings and many other coffee brands. Degree analysis.

Part of the thinking and sorting out is as follows.

First, determine the analytical objectives, analytical perspectives and analytical methods.

Analysis of objective decision analysis perspective, analysis perspective determines the analysis method.

If the analysis of the target is to prove that it is right, and that the coffee is wrong, the analytical perspective is the third party expert or the customer perspective, the analysis method is to find loopholes and failure case analogy, and to choose the local coffee than others.

If the analysis of the goal is to practice or promote the methodology that you have already mastered, the analysis angle of view is the perspective of the third party experts. The analysis method is to use his most familiar and pushy methodology and put it on the head of Rui to check and analyze one by one. For example, the post will use the positioning analysis of Rui.

The above analysis objectives and methods are not right or wrong. At the same time, there is another analytical goal worthy of our consideration.

Identify and learn the most valuable part of Rui Xing coffee, so that we can use it.

When making analysis goals, we must distinguish our personal likes and dislikes from our analysis, and also distinguish the final commercial success or failure of Rui Xing coffee.

Why do business success or failure be separated? Because victory or failure is determined by many factors, it is a comprehensive result.

Some key factors in wrestling are independent of victory or defeat.

For example, the German army was defeated in World War II, but the weapons and tactics invented or improved by the German army, such as missiles, tanks, and Blitzkrieg, played a more and more important role in the subsequent war.

For example, during the Ming Dynasty’s war on Manchuria, the Ming Dynasty was defeated in the Ming Dynasty, but the artillery technology of the Ming Dynasty was an effective tactical means. After the artillery technology was mastered by Manchuria, it became one of the key names for the Qing army to win the national victory.

If we take “discriminate learning” as the goal, what angle of view should we use to analyze it?

Our instinctive perspective is “customer perspective”, which revolves around APP experience, product taste, product packaging, delivery time, heat preservation, coffee ratio, store design, advertising feelings, social sharing will, and Starbucks and other coffee brand experiences.

The second angle of view is the “marketing perspective”. Analysis of Rui Xing coffee advertising, public relations, interactive marketing, and even Rui Xing coffee CMO Yang Fei positioning ideas, traffic pool theory.

The third angle of view is “the perspective of the coffee business”. It also analyzes coffee products, coffee brands, operating profits, business sustainability, and coffee and catering industries.

As a result of the remarkable difference between “Rui” and the previous brand of coffee, and even the past brand of the Internet, it is very different. In order to establish the basis for effective dialogue with the decision makers of Rui, we should use the perspective of substitution, stand in the shoes of the founder of Rui, and try to see the world through the eyes of money Georgia. To understand her understanding and thinking about coffee business opportunities.

In order to effectively replace her perspective, we can use the analysis method of decision logic chain reduction and decision hypothesis verification, and then introduce the location to verify its main logic.

For Qian Zhi ya, it is a heavy policy decision to “quit the post of Shenzhou operation director” and “invest 1 billion in the first phase” and “open 500 stores”.

That being the case, before deciding, she must have used her own methods to get through the following logical chain:

Is there a chance?

How big is the opportunity?

(3) is the condition of grasping the opportunity mature?

Why are we (Rui) doing it?

Who is the opponent and what kind of competitive situation is facing? What kind of strategic form does it adopt?

How to establish a key matching system?

What do you verify during the verification period?

Together, we will find clues based on open materials and splice the logic of Qian Zhi ya.

Two. The decision logic chain of the simulated reduction money Asia

Question 1: is there a chance in the coffee market?

The answer is: there is a chance.

The information and media reports quoted by Rui Xing coffee are as follows:

(1) fast growth of the market

Data: the annual growth rate of coffee consumption in China is 15%-20%, while the global growth rate is 2%.

Inference: China has become the most potential coffee market, and the acceleration of coffee culture and urbanization is the driving force for growth.

This inference is set up.

Second, the existing market structure is irrational, and contains potential for upgrading consumption.


The global coffee market is 12 trillion yuan, of which 3 trillion is the United States and China is 70 billion.

Judging from the structure of coffee drinking, the proportion of coffee in the world is 87%, the proportion of instant accounts for less than 13%, while that of China accounts for 84%, while that of grinding is only 16%.

Corollary: the growth of consumption in China is much faster than the overall growth rate.

This inference is also established.

The market is big, but the choice is few, there are no second brands

There’s a big deal in this. Struggling for years in business, Qian Zhi Ya could not sit still. It is precisely because of this commercial gene in the bone that she can not turn a blind eye to this blue ocean.

“The market is so large that it is unreasonable for us to choose less coffee when we want to.” “China’s coffee market can not only be Starbucks.”

In addition to Starbucks, the growth of other chain coffee brands is stagnant or even shrinking.

The data monitoring of minmint in 2017 shows that:

In the TOP10 chain brand, the number of Starbucks stores increased significantly in 2016, and the number of new stores increased by 552.

Other European and American coffee shop brands (including coffee family and Pacific Coffee) grew significantly slower.

The Taiwanese and Korean coffee shop brands, including coffee and coffee, are closing down their stores.

Note that the “only Starbucks” mentioned here is that Starbucks occupies a single oligarchy, and the other brand size is small, and the market pattern is “big tree + shrub” model, with old and no two.

In the positioning system, the “two element rule” is one of the general ways to verify business opportunities.

In most areas, there are similar phenomena: leading brands and second brands that are opposed to leading brands. Such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola, McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taobao and Jingdong, etc.

Although there is a single oligopoly in some categories due to scale effect and bilateral network effect, coffee does not have a bilateral network effect. Therefore, this basic reasoning can be judged to be established.

Question 2: how big is the opportunity for the coffee market?

The answer is: bigger.

In her public report, Qian Zhi Ya gave her quick judgement on the scale of opportunities:

Qian Georgia is very confident. She said that the market value of Starbucks was US $81 billion 500 million, far more than many industries, indicating that the market segmentation is attractive enough, and the market in China is very large.

Broadly speaking, the market share and profit of the second brands have about half of the first brand, and the value is the 1/4 of the first brand.

If Rui Xing coffee is the second target, it has the opportunity to achieve the market value of US $20 billion.

What is the concept of $20 billion?

At present, the market value of Shenzhou rentals and Shenzhou special cars is 15 billion 740 million Hong Kong dollars and 45 billion 970 million yuan respectively. Of course, this figure is not worth the current value of the drop trip and the US group, but it is also worth the effort of an Internet front line team.

Question 3: is the condition of grasping the opportunity mature?

The answer is: matured.

In the open materials, we can see the way of judgement of Qian Zhi ya:

There are 2 major bottlenecks in consumer coffee consumption.

The 2 major bottlenecks pointed out by Qian Zhi Ya are:

The price is too expensive. At present, the average cup of coffee is 30 pieces, and the price is higher than that of other drinks; in developed countries in Europe and America, a cup of Starbucks accounts for 1/1000 of the monthly income, while China accounts for one percent of the monthly income; high prices impede high frequency consumption.

It’s not convenient to buy. Real healthy coffee is now grind, but the coffee mill is not as ubiquitous as it is abroad.

In Taiwan, 23 million 500 thousand people have more than 5000 City Cafe, 29 million people in Beijing, only less than 300 Starbucks, and the average distance from professional cafes is 30 minutes on foot. Inconvenient hinder the high frequency consumption.

Compared with Starbucks data, the growth point is in China.

According to Starbucks’s latest quarterly report, the main growth is in China. Therefore, the Chinese market will become a new growth point in the coffee industry in the future. Conversely, China’s coffee market has great potential and will erupt in the near future.

(3) verification of maturity through capital logic;

Qian Zhi Ya is closely related to capital circle and is more familiar with capital circles. Capital logic is one of the underlying logic of her thinking. She observed that capital has a large and intensive M & A or investment layout in this field.

At the end of July 2017, Starbucks announced the acquisition of a total of 50% of the remaining shares of the joint venture company in the East China market with 1 billion 300 million US dollars, which was fully realized in the mainland market.

COSTA parent company UK Whitbread group announced that the purchase of RMB 310 million yuan with Jiangsu Yueda group in China’s joint venture to meet the Shanghai Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. remaining 49% shares, COSTA wholly owned South market of China;

Nestle spent $500 million to become the largest shareholder of Blue Bottle, a niche coffee brand.

The old American coffee Peet ‘s has officially entered China, and its first store will be located in Shanghai.

On the eve of the launch of the Starbucks brand strategy in May 8th, Starbucks announced a permanent right to sell Starbucks retail and catering products to Nestle for $7 billion 150 million in coffee shops.

Note: “changing the bottleneck of high price and inconvenience” can cause the outbreak of coffee consumption, which is the core assumption of Rui Xing coffee.

Only if this assumption is established, can the business model of Rui Xing coffee be established.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you think this hypothesis is set up?

Judging from the data of Rui Xing coffee test, especially the recent large area discount giving activities, can it be judged that this assumption is true?

In the “Rui coffee grinder group”, a group of friends with professional research institutions will investigate the market reaction of Rui, which is the core of the research.

The understanding of this hypothesis can be used to answer the following questions:

Why do we have to start a shop that is crazy in the outside world?

Because this is precisely the Rui Xing coffee to verify the basic business logic prerequisite.

Only 500 stores will be opened to establish the most basic dot density in the first tier cities, with enough dot density to verify the hypothesis that “cheap + convenience can detonate coffee consumption”.

What is the impact of many coffee consumers on the brand’s prospects?

The answer is: no other coffee brands are big.

Because the target customers of Rui’s coffee are rather than the coffee lovers and the people who really know the coffee, it is a new consumer group that can be started after the “price and convenience”.

These customers do not know much about coffee, nor do they drink much of the nuances of baking and different beans. Taking tea and red wine as an example, do most people have high taste for tea and red wine?

From the perspective of customers, too much emphasis on product quality reviews may lead to typical analysis errors.

4. For Rui Xing, it is a challenge for the brand to manage the word-of-mouth of the pre customers.

Rui Xing, who is currently reviewing the navy in APP Store, needs to improve professionalism.

The 2 most recent replies that I saw in May 8th were all mimic “student tone”, and they were not bad words. It is said that the English version of the reviews is more authentic and therefore more unfavorable. Rui Xing needs to improve the system of customer’s word of mouth feedback.

As for the verification logic of capital layout, is it true?

Because he is not familiar with capital, he can not judge. What’s your opinion? I hope to see your analysis and message.

Question 4: Why are we (Rui) doing it?

In fact, the problem is “matching degree of opportunity and ability”. Why does Qian Zhi think that she and Rui Xing team are most likely to seize this opportunity?

In this regard, if the answer of Qian Zhi Ya is summed up in one sentence, it is:

Many traditional industries are worth doing again in the form of Internet.

I will use the Internet’s thinking and speed to make coffee, and the market will soon feel the change of rhythm and the pressure of competition.

What’s the difference between using the Internet and doing the traditional way?

First of all, the capital model is different.

Internet companies can get sufficient or even continuous funds from the start. These funds can support direct challenge to the leading brands. This is difficult for the traditional model to have.

It is also one of the reasons why coffee industry friends disapprove of the “beyond Starbucks”. No matter how fortunate it is, TA has the challenge of capital mode.

But for now, Qian Zhi Ya is not worried about money:

First, at the beginning of the business, she was prepared for 1 billion. Shop can not use so much money, she has prepared funds to educate the market, spell out the popularity of luckin coffee.

Second, the investor recognised her judgment. Not only did Lu Zhengyao become an angel investor of luckin coffee, but he made an oral promise that he would come to me if he was short of money. It is said that many other top angel investors have been found for her.

Liu Erhai, a well-known investor and pleasure capital founding partner, has also highly praised Qian Zhi Ya’s venture.

Secondly, the development of logic is different.

Traditional enterprises often need to verify the profit model on a small scale, and then copy and expand on the basis of profit.

Internet companies can skip the profit model, and use the user or customer growth model as the development logic, first to occupy the user or customer to a certain scale, and then on the basis of mass users, use scale advantage or business model innovation to achieve profit.

At present, the second big doubt about Rui Xing’s coffee is its profitability. But according to the news released by Rui Xing, it is “ready for long-term losses.”

It does not mean that luckily does not need to make profits, but that its earnings expectations are based on other prerequisites, such as the size of a certain store.

Judging from the current customer scale of Rui Xing coffee 1 million 300 thousand, Rui Xing has brought a batch of customers with coffee as its entrance. This is the asset Rui lucky “burning money” to burn out.

If the cost of each guest is only a cup of 20 cups of coffee, it has a structural customer cost advantage over a hundred customers’ costs relative to Internet companies.

And snowball rolls the user volume, so that a round of financing can be carried out quickly, and it can nurture capital advantage.

Again, the effectiveness of marketing and operation is different.

Rui Xing coffee is based on the strategic choice of APP, which can completely consummate customer’s consumption behavior, while online consumption behavior can quickly accumulate accurate coffee data.

Based on lucky DMP (user management database), information flow and capital flow are carried out through mobile information.

Logically, this brings huge room for improvement to the operation and marketing optimization of Rui Xing coffee.

First, with the help of these one hand and accurate coffee data, the coffee retailing industry is faced with problems such as the supply chain, the location of the store, the recovery rate and so on. It is possible to get a high precision solution.

Second, these user behavior Internet data can be recorded and stored, analyzing user data, and realizing user’s consumption behavior portrait.

Starting from the first day, Rui Xing has set more than 60 tags for user behavior, and now there are more than 100 sets of tags.

Whether it is the basic population, demographic characteristics, consumption frequency, consumption locations, tastes and hobbies. These user behavior data will make the marketing speed and accuracy of Rui Xing coffee far exceed the traditional mode.

Third, based on the flow of existing users, Rui can create a “flow pool”, with the flow pool operation, constantly bringing new user fission, and low cost to achieve customer growth.

When the “user fission” strategy of Rui Xing coffee works, it will happen.

We were in the galaxy SOHO store, the galaxy SOHO C seat is very biased, I (Rui CMO Yang Fei) to see the shop, next to a small Chongqing boss said:

There’s no one in this place. I sold Chongqing noodles for 50 days in a day, and you wouldn’t have a coffee shop.

That’s our first lab store to prove our idea.

After opening this store in November last year, there were only 23 cups on the first day, and the 23 cups were the first to drink free, and no one consumed two times.

Now, the sales volume of the day is good enough to let the owner of the Chongqing noodle shop next to it “do not know where to order”. It is the most popular coffee shop in galaxy SOHO.

Fourth question: why does Rui think he can seize this opportunity?

Because of the capital capabilities, growth patterns and operational and marketing advantages of the Internet model, Rui has the ability to challenge Starbucks in different ways.

Question 5: who is the opponent of Rui Xing coffee, and what kind of strategy is it adopted?

From the perspective of communication, Rui locked his opponent as Starbucks.

For example, Lu Zhengyao and Qian Zhiya said successively:

Qian Zhi Ya is optimistic about her own business. She told reporters, “I want to make coffee better than Starbucks.”

“Rui is going to make a cup of high quality coffee and make new retail models through the Internet, and our goal is to beat Starbucks at home,” said Qian.

Lu Zhengyao made a joke on the side: “when I went to Starbucks to buy coffee, I was in a hurry for them – the money was always selling coffee, you met the opponent!”

Rui Xing chose Starbucks as an opponent, which is a typical “opposite position”.

Rui Xing Yang CMO highly praised the positioning. He thought that “opposing positioning” is the three most effective way of positioning:

The opposite orientation is a strong competitive orientation (non – user demand oriented). It is a significant difference between the opponent and the opponent. It is suitable for the market has been relatively saturated and after the brand.

The location of the logic must have a competitive bidding, the best industry is the largest and most famous competition, so that your opposition is of value, can be immediately felt by the user, to jump out of the homogeneous competition.

The second chapter of the “flow pool”, P39, Yang Feizhuo

Judging from the current information, the efforts made by Rui Xing coffee to differentiate Starbucks are as follows:

Prices, coffee products (Arabica beans), store distribution, service time and so on.

Among them, the price difference is the first, that is:

For Starbucks 30 yuan price segment, the price of its products at 21-27 yuan price segment.

Question 6: strategic positioning and matching system of Rui Xing coffee?

Positioning: “China’s high quality commercial coffee”;

Characteristics: lower price (relative to Starbucks), more convenient (30 minutes to deliver, slow to pay).

3. Products: high quality Arabica coffee beans in the 100% world’s 4 largest production areas; the WBC coffee champion team carefully matched the formula; the world’s top machine equipment; fresh roasting fresh grinding process;

3. Vision: small blue cup + antler;

Slogan: “who does not love this cup”; “small blue cup, big dream”;

Terminal: around the office building layout; 4 kinds of storefront: flagship store, leisure shop, quick pick shop, takeaway kitchen store;

Buy way: APP order + store self introduction + takeaway delivery;

Advertisement: WeChat circle of friends LBS advertising + sub elevator advertising + spokesperson Tang Wei, Chang Chen;

Public relations:

March Shanghai International Coffee Festival;

Beijing International Film Festival in April;

April small blue cup QQ joint marketing;

In April, the fans of the Beijing auto show hit CALL.

Brand Strategy Conference in May 8th;

And a large number of media / media coverage during the period.

Three. Rethinking the key problems of Rui.

Price, APP, and crazy stores

1. about the price: Rui Xing coffee under the current pricing mode, the gross margin is very low?

What is the gross profit margin of gross profit 80% products after 50 percent off?

(price 50- cost 20) / price 50=?

The gross interest rate is 60%.

Starbucks Maori 74%, Rui Xing coffee sells for about 30 percent off. What is the gross profit rate?

(70-26) /70=62.86%.

The price ratio of Rui and Starbucks: 70% VS 100%;

The gross margin ratio is 62.86% VS 74% and 11.14% (at the same cost).

Continue thinking, how can the 30 percent off price takeaway coffee get a higher total profit?

(1) effectively reducing the cost of integrated operation;

The net profit rate of the takeout coffee mode is not necessarily low, and the low profit rate may be higher if the model can save the operating cost of the storefront rent and so on. (reference to Zhou Heiya’s affordability and rental affordability).

Second, reducing the price can develop new customer groups and increase total profits.

How much of the increase in customer base can increase gross profit?

Starbucks has 74 gross coffee and 44 gross coffee.

If sales of low margin products reach 168.18% of the high margin products, gross gross margins will exceed those of high margin products.

It can be achieved: reducing the price of single product and assisting the expansion of customer base may increase gross profit.

As to whether Rui Xing coffee can increase sales base to 168%, we can refer to specific operation data. According to lucky data analysis ability, this measure has been tested and tested many times.

2. about APP: why does Rui Xing let you download annoying APP?

There are three self questioning questions about strategic decisions: is it necessary? Is it sufficient? Is it feasible?

All strategic relevant measures must be necessary.

If there is no need, do not increase the entity.

Letting customers download a APP is a pretty heavy decision.

Customers may not take a single, direct refusal;

Even under the order, it is not easy to keep active;

Even if it is kept active, the customer behavior path becomes more complicated than WeChat.

APP will have to lose again after downloading the phone.

APP development, model adaptation, operation upgrade, concurrent load, data security workload and cost are much higher than WeChat applet.

Then why does Rui Xing coffee use APP order, and can only use APP order?

The answer can only be: in Rui Xing, this is a necessary condition for the establishment of a business model.

Why is this a necessary condition for the establishment of a business model?

(1) this is the demand for capital;

Can a business of billions of dollars be used to put customer data on WeChat?

WeChat fans of millions of edits have opened their own APP, and WeChat fans have millions of the new world to open their own new world reading society, APP; these are the necessity of capitalization and scale.

Only with the number of registered customers who own APP, DAU and ARPU constantly snowball, Rui Xing can have a steady stream of capital munitions.

This is the demand of marketing;

The growth hacker and user fission praised by Rui’s coffee contain a large number of induced sharing actions, which are officially banned within the WeChat platform, and the risk of violators has a seal.

In April, Zhang Wei’s screen sharing method was shared by the new phase, and the user fission was more than 80 thousand. Finally, the activity number was sealed. Of course, the new world was ready to apply for the trumpet.

Imagine that Rui took user fission as the core of the growth model, and how could the action be carried out entirely on the WeChat platform against induced sharing?

This is the demand of customer experience;

Based on the WeChat small program to do point, location matching, takeoff and docking, and checkout, the process is not only smooth, but also has the orientation deviation, affecting the customer experience.

Only APP can ensure smooth experience.

This is the demand for operation;

Rui Xing coffee to do new retail, new retail outlets where?

New data throughout the business process, supply chain data, operation data, customer data, marketing promotion data, financial management data, all get through.

How do we achieve this in WeChat applet?

Develop your own APP.

As for the disadvantages of developing APP, two evils are taken lightly.

3. about Crazy shop: why so anxious to open 500 stores?

As mentioned above, strategic action is a heavy decision, and decision making must be “necessary”.

Why is it necessary to open 500 stores in a crazy way?

What’s the difference between opening 500 stores, opening 100 and opening 50?

The first difference is the qualitative change brought about by scale effect.

Only when we open to 500 can we try out some key variables and reduce some of the costs. The magnitude of concurrent events may vary qualitatively.

One of the key variables is the supply chain variable. The supply chain of 5 stores is essentially different from that of supplying 500 stores.

For Rui Xing coffee, it is necessary to test the supply chain and store operation management experience in the future with larger volume requirements on the scale of 500 stores.

The two of the key variable is the base number of the flow pool. Only when we reach 500 stores, can we promote the lucky customer flow pool to an automatic and high speed growth minimum line. This is in accordance with the principle of nuclear fission.

To 500 stores, Rui Xing announced at the May 8th press conference that the signing of a number of coffee industry front-line partners can be seen as a direct embodiment of scale effect.

The second difference is the difference of convenience.

As mentioned before, Rui Xing coffee aims at two characteristics of low price and convenience.

The convenience features must be supported by dot density, and the 500 stores are likely to be necessary to support the minimum density of the network – despite this, there are still customers who complain that the network is not enough and the time is too long.

The third difference is the difference of competitive ability.

Only 50 shops open, Rui Xing coffee is a weak coffee even “takeaway coffee second brand”, simply can not talk with Starbucks in mind PK.

After opening 500 stores, Rui Xing coffee has already passed over a group of takeaway coffee brands such as coffee, and has obtained the qualification to speak with Starbucks.

More importantly, anyone who wants to challenge Rui Xing coffee will have 500 threshold and 1 billion threshold.

This is like a one-time launch of 1 billion chips in a gamble, which can directly eliminate some of the competitors’ enthusiasm and push themselves on the track first.

Therefore, the 500 stores may be regarded as the threshold of business mode test, and also the barrier for rising competitors to occupy the track and defend competition.

If so, Rui Xing is eager to run out of speed, who can be used to defend his opponent in a crazy shop? Where will Qian Zhi Ya’s most feared enemy come from?

In the WeChat group of Rui Xing coffee sharpening Association, the group members answer as follows:

(1) Rui’s opponent is himself. Only to run to the basic magnitude, and then steady on this order of magnitude, the capital, products, services, teams, supply chain are adjusted and equipped to ensure that high speed run will not stumble;

Mr. Rui’s opponent is the giant of the coffee industry chain. We must guard against the easy follow-up of coffee giants such as Nestle and so on.

(3) other players with the ability to catch up to tens of billions.

The unknown black horse.

The poem says:

People are floating in the rivers and lakes, which can not sharpen the knife.

The sharpening of the knife will wear the wrong, and the wrong is better than not.

We open the invisible wings, and it’s not hard to think about:

Some time ago, the US regiment and the drop wars, the US group did a taxi. Shenzhou makes the journey, the big brother Uber takes the takeaway in the US, has made the first. The judgement of cross scuffle between travel and takeaway is that the Shenzhou team should have had it even in 2017. In the brand story of Internet communication, Rui Xing coffee originates from Qian Zhi Ya’s personal hobby.

We continue to grind the knives:

Behind the personal interests of Qian Zhi ya, is there any strategic decision of Shenzhou decision making to cross the war in the travel, takeaway and catering markets?

Let’s continue to “think” about Rui Xing’s series of logical deduction.

(1) for example, you can guess that Rui Xing has opened 500 stores together, and how to complete the location of these stores? Does the accumulation of white-collar traffic data in Shenzhou travel businesses help some of these stores?

Second, for example, how much overlap do you think the 1 million 300 thousand users of lucky coffee and Shenzhou travel business will have? Is there data sharing behind this overlap?

What is the future business strategy of Rui Xing coffee and its relationship with Shenzhou? Is it a shallow layer of mutual diversion? Is it a deep strategic support?

If the above judgment is true, the Lu Zheng Yao borrowed money, borrowed a layer of office space, even borrowed CMO Yang Fei, marketing director Shen Yue (Yang Heshen, the plan and executor of the “Beat U event” of the Shenzhou brand landing battle). What?

If the above judgment is true, it is said that there is a team in the United States, which monitors all kinds of Internet products in the country more than 1000 every day, to judge the opportunity or threat.

If the above judgment is true again, do you know whether Rui Xing team knows that he has been locked down by the radar of the Internet?

Rui Xing coffee uses the Internet mode to make coffee, just like a gold queen who uses cavalry to fight the Southern Song Han people.

For the Han and the girls, the cavalry is the advantage.

But for the Mongolia cavalry, the same nomadic people, the Nu Zhen cavalry has no advantage.

For the coffee industry, Lucy’s Internet model has advantages; for other small giants in the Internet O2O field, Rui’s Internet approach is actually common sense, no longer an advantage.

Perhaps the woman is running fast, for fear that the Mongolia horse will catch up?

The poem says:

The American regiment took a taxi and pulled out.

We have coffee in Shenzhou. Who can run fast?

Four, position re analysis:

The strategic chaos and wall riding of Rui

After a “substitution perspective”, we try to see the world with the eyes of Rui Xing’s founder.

Next, we go to the body and use the familiar methodology to analyze Rui’s coffee, such as: Rui’s emphasis on “position of opposites”, and the positioning strategy of TA, is it accurate?

Rui Xing coffee has not solved the strategic question 1: who are you? What’s the difference? Why do you see it?

First, who is it about Rui? The spread of Rui Xing coffee has not been solved and contradict each other.

According to the article published by Rui Xing public relations, Qian Zhi Ya’s position on Rui Xing is:

High quality commercial coffee of the Chinese people;

Luckin coffee is a local brand newly established in November last year, and is located in China’s leading high-quality commercialized coffee.

At present, the offline stores of this company have been rapidly landing in Beijing and Shanghai, with more than 60 stores.

Why is it less than half a year after the establishment of Rui Xing coffee, why Starbucks? “China Times”, February 11, 2018;

However, in the earliest elevator advertisements, Rui Xing was close to category names.

– Master coffee;

In the variety of materials and products of Ruixin coffee, takeaway coffee bags and coffee cups are written under the brand name of Luckin Coffee:

Professional coffee fresh style;

What is the Credit Suisse coffee in the following 3 categories?

(1) Chinese high quality commercial coffee; second, master coffee; third, professional coffee fresh style;

In positioning knowledge, only 1 or 2 conforms to the grammatical structure of category names.

Let’s look at these two expressions again.

Is Chinese high quality commercial coffee compatible with the logic of mind and competition?

Does “Chinese” have mental resources in coffee category?

Is coffee better for Chinese people? Or is Rui coffee more suitable for Chinese people?

What about high quality coffee?

Other coffee with low quality?

Commercial coffee?

What is commercial coffee? Is there a commercial coffee in the customer’s mind?

Commercial coffee is more like a customer language than a white household appliance.

To sum up, Chinese high quality commercial coffee lacks cognitive resources in the minds of customers, and can not be positioned.

Master coffee, there are opposite sides, non master coffee. But can this point be the reason why customers buy Rui Xing and not buy other coffee?

The answer is no. Because any coffee brand can ask the WBC champion to follow suit.

Rui has spent a lot of effort on advertising, launched public relations and opposed Starbucks, but did not accurately find Starbucks’s weaknesses, and did not clearly answer the “brand three questions” that the brand must face in the permanent flow pool.

Who are you? Class name;

What’s the difference? Differential point;

Why do you see it? – trust.

Therefore, due to the confusion of the basic cognitive information of the brand, hundreds of millions of Rui Xing coffee has been put into operation.

Rui Xing failed to solve the strategic question 2: Rui Xing coffee, brand name can remember?

Naming is a strategy. This strategic point is precisely where Rui lost the point:

Friends around you and “Rui Xing coffee sharpening group” friends generally feedback, you can not remember Rui Xing brand name.

If the English name of Luckin is scored 4.5 points, Rui Xing’s Chinese name may be negative — there is no effective association between the categories and additional memory costs.

Let’s take a closer look. Rui fortunately, many materials, Rui Xing coffee has disappeared, leaving only Luckin Coffee. It is good for the name of the coffee to spread.

Next, Rui can consider whether to change a brand name that is easier to remember and easier to associate with.

For example, contact with “small blue cup” and “deer”: Blue deer coffee, deer lucky coffee…

Rui Xing failed to solve the strategic problem 3: what is the opposite of Starbucks?

Rui’s team attaches great importance to the “position of opposites”. The opposing position should find the weakness of the opponent’s strength, while positioning itself, the competition brand should be repositioned and the opponent is forced to a disadvantageous position.

The frequently cited cases, such as Pepsi Cola, are positioned in a younger generation of cola by opposing Coca-Cola, and repositioning Coca-Cola as “the old generation of coke.”

Another example is the Shenzhou special vehicle operated by Rui Xing team, positioning itself in the “safe car” and repositioning its opponent in the “unsafe special vehicle”. “Flow pool” P39, Yang Feizhuo

What’s the repositioning of Starbucks in the “Chinese high quality commercial coffee”?

American coffee?

Low quality coffee?

Non – commercial coffee?

No, none.

In the book of “flow pool”, it is mentioned in the book:

No positioning can be regarded as brand positioning without a word or a few words. Positioning is not a slogan, but a good positioning will lead to a very simple and well understood slogan (ibid., P41).

Just as the book says, good slogans can transmit orientation, and can directly create “traffic”, such as:

High-grade decoration, no marble, with a simple marble tiles. (diverting marble customers) Aunt money does not sell overnight meat. (shunting merchants super fresh customers)

The slogan of Rui Xing coffee is “who doesn’t love this cup?”

What reasons do you have to buy this slogan?

Whose customer is it shunted by this slogan?

4 of the strategic problems that Rui Xing fails to solve is: where is the focus of operation?

The confusion of the answers to the 3 questions is that the operation is difficult to focus.

Because of this, Rui Xing coffee has 4 types of storefront:

Flagship stores, leisure stores, quick take shops, takeaway kitchen shops, to cover all the scene mode, the whole line of attack.

The start-up brand, despite its large capital support, is also a non optimal strategy. Although there is little difference between different store types, there is a big difference between location selection, leasing, team recruitment and personnel training.

Although Qian Zhi Ya emphasizes that there will be a focus on the 4 store combinations of Ruixing. But the new brand, focusing on the single core item, creating cognitive products, is not only conducive to the training of cognitive advantages and operational advantages, but also helps to form a coherent system.

Five, conclusion: 5 points of strategy and 3 points strategy of the Legion Blitz

As mentioned before, the strategy of Rui Ying coffee will be separated from its learning area. Rui is very skilled on the Internet, and is effective in the flow pool and the fission of users. Precision and efficiency based on APP and data analysis are good examples to learn.

Rui Xing’s tactical level can score 5 points and score 6 points.

However, Rui Xing coffee holds high the banner of Starbucks’s opposition, but it is unclear about the core issue of brand strategy.

Although brand communication has reached tens of millions of customers, it is blurred “who are you?” What’s the difference? How do you see it? ” The brand three asks the basic proposition;

Secondly, it is popularized by the brand name which is hard to remember.

Third, it highlights the spokesperson in the promotion, but ignores the brand name, category name and positioning language.

4. In operation and communication, we can see the chaos and fence between strategic positioning and matching.

So, the army from the Internet to the coffee field, using its flashing battle to fully display tactical tools and weapons advanced, can play 5 points for its effective tactics.

But the strategy of ambiguous positioning and proper chaos can only be given 3 points of regret.

As for your excellency, how do you view the “coffee blitz Legion” of Rui Xing coffee?

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