In the media era, no talent will be concealed

Original title: from the media age, no talent will be concealed.

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The first generation of net red in China is probably the group of Fengjie. Since then, Chinese people have been vaguely aware of the influence of net red, especially young people.

In the media era, no talent will be concealed

At that time, in the 80, the 90 after the popular space and everyone (the original school), some of the impact of the students, such as school flowers, school grass, people, students, students, in general, is some of the campus people, a large number of fans, thousands to tens of thousands of different. And the number of fans basically represents the influence of this person.

But at that time, there was no traffic flow. Many people were simply satisfied with the vanity of fans. But there is a small part of the sharp people who are vaguely aware of the business opportunities. Therefore, we should cooperate with after-school classes, get the Commission according to the number of students enrolled, and so on, and earn the first pot of gold.

In the media era, no talent will be concealed

China’s early Internet reds, also known as net red, were the main activities and major forums or personal blogs. At that time, the Internet was still relatively pure, even ideology, even stronger than today. Because the Internet is not so simple at that time, remember that in 2000, even a computer has not yet reached, the mention of Internet cafes, that is where children play games, do not work in place.

High threshold, some low quality people are restricted to the door, and the entrants regard it as a place where they are higher than others, so don’t look at the early online people, but the overall atmosphere is better than the present.

In the media era, no talent will be concealed

After that, some companies took a look at the potential of this piece, so the large website developed and the workers showed themselves on it. Gradually, some of the high quality websites began to emerge, such as post bar, know about, bean paste and so on.

Here, the net red economy has begun to emerge, and the net red has begun to divide. The net red can no longer satisfy the people who are becoming familiar with the Internet world. So there are different forms of net red, such as beauty bloggers, public know, food masters, anchors and so on.

In the media era, no talent will be concealed

Later, a watershed is the emergence of micro-blog, because many stars have settled in, and micro-blog has gained a lot of fans. At that time, the net red economy was already familiar to people. Net red people all understood a truth: “where there are fans, there are dividends.” So micro-blog naturally attracted a large number of net red to enter, began to output content (UGC), creating value for micro-blog. High quality content attracts more people to micro-blog.

The net red economy has entered a mature period

But the real peak is due to the appearance of the WeChat public number.

A series of blogs, forums, and micro-blog came to imitate western countries. The WeChat public number was born out of the Internet in China, probably for this reason, especially for Chinese people.

In recent years, the growth rate of WeChat usage has been slowing down, but the number of users close to 1 billion basically represents the epitome of China Mobile’s Internet itself. If the Chinese phone can only be left with a APP now, I think ninety-nine percent of the people will not hesitate to choose WeChat.

In the media era, no talent will be concealed

So what is the inertia of traffic in a APP that everyone uses every day? I don’t think so. The important thing is that fans of public numbers are much more valuable than fans of micro-blog and know how platforms. This is due to the push mechanism of WeChat public.

How high is the value of the public number?

The number of life related public figures in a first tier city varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of advertisements. Head traffic volume, immont headline ad, ranging from 500 thousand to 1 million 200 thousand. Even a time ago, a shocking acquisition in the industry, a company with a professional operation public number, and a company with fixed assets of the public, sold 3 billion.

In 2018, the flow rate was twice as expensive as last year.

In the media era, no talent will be concealed

The whole media market based on WeChat public number is more than trillion output value. If other channels of the Internet know, micro-blog, headlines, 100 homes and so on, the market will be larger than GDP in general countries.

In the media era, no talent will be concealed

The size of this cake can basically be said that even today the number of public numbers is far from saturated. This ensures that after all admission, there will definitely be a place for it.

Under this premise, we return to the title of the article, and as long as we have talent, we will never be buried.

Because having a public number and knowing the number is so simple. Basically, it can be said that there is no threshold. That is to say, anyone is entitled to give a piece of the game.

Now many people are advocating the so-called public number bonus period has passed. I find it ridiculous to say that these words are probably the stakeholders of other channels.

The public numbers are constantly producing new large numbers (more than hundreds of thousands of flour) every day. Although the earliest outbreak, now want to make a big, has been a lot of difficulty, but there is a relatively mature system, as long as the content, quality, willing heart, will reach the user.

A lot of people are worried:

1. I’m not good at writing

2. I master the skill bias

3. I can’t do anything

Since the media has developed into a system, it is not necessarily necessary to write well.

In general, emotional signs and so on pay more attention to writing, which may require systematic learning or even talent.

But the real core is the value of your output. This value can be the guidance of thinking, the professional knowledge of a certain industry, or even some summary, which at least saves the energy and time for the reader. And this only needs, just make it clear. Yes, generally speaking, there is a difference between normal diction and writing. However, as a self media, oral English is no harm, so long as it can express clearly.

Especially those who do not have writing skills or skills, there is a saying that diligence can complement one’s ability. As a chestnut, I knew that there was a problem about the Internet. One of the answers did not understand the knowledge, but he summed up all the valuable answers to the question and attached a link. Finally, the answer was a few thousand praise, even the highest collection under the problem.

Is it feeling a sigh of relief?

The Internet can be said to give everyone a way to show themselves. This road may be easy for some, and may be difficult for some. But only the path of death is not prohibited.

Continuous learning and immediate execution is the ship and oar in the Internet ocean. People who are unwilling to be mediocre can show themselves through the media.

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