Don’t give up any teammates with team.

Original title: bring a team, do not give up any teammates easily.

Reprint / Architect’s Road

Author /58 Shen Jian

In today’s article, I’m not the leader with the team, but the teammate who has not been abandoned by the leader.

The vast majority of Baiduer may not know, Baidu in Zhongguancun Software Park, the prestige building also secretly office for a few years, the prestige building dormant ah and Baidu hi two closely related “heavyweight products”. Voice over: those who do not know the two products will be understood as the relationship between Taobao and Ali Wangwang.

In the end, God made a big joke. The eldest liumh asked me if I would like to do the server development, what I don’t understand, I don’t know that ignorant nod, affecting the career of these years. Voice over: from that offer, N gradually moved towards the backend architect’s road.

I joined the tutor and team leader, according to Baidu hi service school enrollment routine training plan, arranged a week of off-line work, under Linux to develop a web-server, need to achieve get / post / cookie / picture display / attachment download and other functions.

As a graduate of windows, even Linux has never been installed, and this is going to kill me.

No experience, no talent, only a correct attitude and a few hours less sleep a day, a short week, Linux basic commands, C / C + + network programming, multi-threaded programming, http, GDB made a rough, leader is not satisfied, but also barely passed. Voice over: this job is much more than N learned in college.

Leader look, I’ve been working on the dream database kernel for several years and assigned me to the storage group.

The storage group has two core modules, one is the msgstore of message storage, and the other is the dbcache of meta-information storage such as user friends.

Students who know the back end know that storage is the hardest part. It’s not very important to have a period of time.

Offline message paging cache project, msgstore responsible for the design, I was responsible for the implementation of N interfaces. However, neither of my 1 interfaces is possible. The leader has no choice but to take the lead to achieve the first interface, followed by me to imitate the rest of the interface.

Another project, dbcache has an interface GDB debugged for a long time, the result is always wrong, then the module leader helped me debug for more than an hour, and finally found that there was no make clean caused, the module leader did not get angry, but I feel guilty so far.

Team leader may also find that storage groups are really too difficult for a school admissions. I transferred to the PHP group to write front-end business.

Impression is a Baidu Business Bridge project, to achieve a message export interface, due to no PHP experience, business is not familiar with, coupled with timid dare not ask questions, stuffy mind for a week, the interface is not finished. By the time I handed in my homework, I was like an aggrieved child. I did not dare to say a word before leader. Voice-over: Don’t understand, think, try to solve, still can not solve, must ask questions, and let the team know your difficulties.

It’s one of the few times that leader gets angry with me. He’s not angry that I didn’t do it. He’s angry. Why don’t you ask, why didn’t you ask earlier, so he can help me. Later, leader arranged for a classmate to tell me the business, a classmate taught me php, I successfully finished the work.

PHP for a while, then leader sent me to do C / C + + logic module adapter / pusher / cs, these modules sample code more, language I am relatively familiar with, gradually, even more smoothly. Plus their relatively careful, but also responsible, slowly do the project is no longer timid, slowly become one of the core of the project.

Familiarity with the business, confidence-building, php, storage modules, and even architecture design are no longer a problem.

Here, thank my teammates and leaders, in their own difficulties, work unsatisfactory, did not give up on me, but to guide me, help me solve problems, help me grow and improve.

Now, when I’m leading the team, I’ve been emphasizing with leader that it’s the most important responsibility of leader not to give up every employee, help them solve problems, help them grow and improve, and help them play on the stage.

Finally, thanks to Baidu hi team liumh, yuz, fengxq, wutp, yej, cuisj, fuy, liaoxm, wangyz, linzw. (too much, thank you for not coming) helped my teammates and leaders, thanks to you, in the workplace encountered difficulties, did not give up on me.

It’s really lucky for me to meet these great people and meet a good leader. Friends, how about you?

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