Omar appliances are in trouble: a cross-border transformation company can not find North!

Original title: Omar electrical disaster: a cross-border transformation of the company can not find the North!

Omar appliances are in trouble: a cross-border transformation company can not find North! lifted a stone and hit himself in the foot, is undoubtedly the most appropriate description of the original founder team led by Omar Electrical Cai Shijian. In those days, Internet finance helped to boost business valuations by dozens of times for listed companies, making founders richer overnight and eventually selling appliances to Internet finance; now, because of the explosion in the mutual-fund business, Omar refrigerators are being pushed into the mire and abyss. Chili | | contributed to the Internet financial platform “wallet finance” by “run tide”; QOS “magic” regional chain was directly broken; the sale of Omar Refrigerator 40% of the shares were vetoed by major shareholders; behind this series of events, there is a common subject – listed company Omar Electrical Appliances.

The outbreak of any one of these individual events is enough to plunge a listed company into the center of public opinion, let alone Omar Electric. Since the transformation of “Internet Finance + Household Appliances Manufacturing” dual-track parallel mode in 2015, Omar Electrical Capital has a lot of means of operation, whether it is the new shareholder Fang Zhao Guodong, or the old shareholder Cai Zaijian, more often hit the capital market is the use of the “overnight wealth” abacus, but did not expect that this will bury mines, and lead to The final explosion.

The latest news is that Zhao Guodong, the actual controller of Omar Electrical Appliances, intends to transfer more than 5% of Omar Electrical Appliances’shares or corresponding rights and interests on his own or through his concerted actors, in order to solve the cash problem of his Internet gold platform “wallet finance” and other debt problems of Zhao Guodong. This is the news of the second sale of stock in Omar recently.

Earlier on June 29, Omar Electric was preparing to transfer 40% of Omar Refrigerator’s equity at a price of $1 billion, and the transferor was in fact the owner of Omar Refrigerator Management Team represented by Wang Jiyun in recent years, and also the founder shareholder of Omar Electric Appliance before, and it was truly “his own person”. However, because of the low valuation of the project has the suspicion of conveying profits, and the current “mud Bodhisattva crossing its own difficult to protect” is more reluctant to release a cash cow, and eventually encountered a major shareholder “temporary change of gossip” opposition.

At present, with a series of crises and dangers of Internet financial business, are based on the listed company Omar Electrical Platform direct investment, or “endorsement”. Once careless operation will not only directly affect the future development and layout of Omar financial business, but also will drag down the Omar household appliances business, especially the refrigerator business market operation and development. After all, 90% of the company’s business and 80% of its net profit now comes from the traditional manufacturing business of refrigerators. However, if the financial business drags down the listed companies, resulting in a drop in share prices, tight capital chains, and people’s heartbeat, it will trigger the healthy development of Oma refrigerator business.

It is noteworthy that Zhao Guodong himself directly holds 16.79% of Omar Electrical Appliances, Zhao Guodong and his concerted actors hold a total of 29.24% of the shares. If a 5% stake is sold, it may lead to a change in ownership of listed companies. This also makes the future trend of Omar electrical appliances more complicated. Obviously, I think that the best way out for Omar Electric Appliances in the future is definitely to continue the dual-track system of refrigerator manufacturing and financial business, one to push up the valuation of listed companies and one to ensure the size of listed companies’revenue.

However, for the Omar Refrigerator Team, it is undoubtedly the hope that this will be separated from the listed companies, accelerate the renaming of listed companies, and seek the Omar Refrigerator’s self-independent operation, thus completely cut off the financial business. Because the two-track operation over the past two years, the financial business in addition to boosting the valuation of Omar Electric listed companies, did not really help the rapid expansion of the refrigerator business. Instead, it relies on the scale of the refrigerator’s revenue to make up for the embarrassment of the listed companies.

By contrast, to sell the “profit cow” 40% stake in the refrigerator business, the external claim is to consider increasing resources into the prospects for greater Internet finance business. The biggest difference in Zhao Guodong’s 5% stake is that it is purely for debt repayment. Therefore, if the previous proposal and rejection of transferring 40% of the shares reflects the different ideas of the old and new shareholders on the future development of the company, then the 5% share sale will expose its “Internet financial business” huge loopholes and risks.

Black Hole not only in its P2P Internet financial platform, as a pilot project to start with the currency reform, the digital currency QOS recently directly broke almost to zero. This is exactly the financial project that Zhao Guodong, chairman of Omar Electrical Appliances, acted as an advisor. Although Omar Electrical Appliances tries its best to put aside its relationship and calls it a personal project, the relationship behind it is really “cutting and sorting out”. As a listed company issuing currency, it is likely to be disguised financing, which also reflects that Zhao Guodong is indeed short of money.

It seems that a series of events is Omar Electric Appliance implementation of the “Internet Finance + Home Appliances Manufacturing” model for three years, in the Internet Finance this business track is uncontrollable, less revenue and more dangerous. But in fact, Omar Electric this round of financial business explosion, the biggest victim is not the major shareholder Zhao Guodong, but the original main business Omar refrigerator team.

If Oma Electric continues to deteriorate in capital and financial operations, as a whole, the pressure on the Oma refrigerator will be great. Now the black hole of Internet finance and block chain business can not be filled by the profitability of the existing refrigerator business. Selling 5% of the shares may be only the first step. Ultimately, it will drag down the capital chain of listed companies, and then directly affect the operational sustainability and market stability of Omar Refrigerator.

Focusing on Omar’s refrigerator business, Omar’s sales plunged 39.42% and 29.78% respectively in the first half of this year in China’s declining retail refrigerator market, although the refrigerator business accounts for nearly 90% of the company’s total revenue. Coupled with low private brand sales, the OEM and ODM based systems also have a rather small profit. If the capital chain can no longer be guaranteed, in a competitive market, what kind of situation can be imagined.

It is undeniable that this is also the curse of Omar refrigerator team. Omar Electric’s old story is that Zhao Guodong went public with a controversial backdoor, and Omar Refrigerator sold stocks into the financial concept, is to value the company from 10 times to 30 times. How much thunder did you want to cut the leek?

At present, there is no doubt that the best way out for Omar Electrical Appliances in the future is only one. The original founder team headed by Omar Refrigerator must be cut as soon as possible with the new large shareholder team represented by Internet finance. However, it is not easy to talk about it under the restriction of external economic environment and policy regulation, coupled with the confrontation between the interests of old and new shareholders. The next step is to know where to go. = = = = home appliances circle: covering a wide range of industries, content and professional, clear view of value sharing platform. Articles without authorization are strictly prohibited. ====

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