Yan Juan Raiders, such as Yi Chuan is still pinching, “sweet honey is sinking like ashes,” but quietly made this matter.

Originally titled: The Youth Strategies, such as Chuan Chuan, are still in play, but “honey sinks like frost” has quietly done this thing

Do you think the hottest is the confrontation between “continuation strategy” and “Yi biography”?

Yan Juan Raiders, such as Yi Chuan is still pinching,

In fact, a play has been firmly held in the first place since its launch. That is Yang Zi and Deng Lun starring “sweet honey”.

By the end of the 23rd, CSM35 had an average audience of 1.59%, CSM52 had an average audience of 1.51%, the total amount of network broadcasting had broken 6.2 billion, and the Douban score had climbed steadily to 7.6 points. Jiangsu TV’s “sweet honey” is no longer needed.

Yan Juan Raiders, such as Yi Chuan is still pinching,

But many people do not know that the producer of the play is actually a game company — the perfect world.

The company, which also has a steady presence in the gaming industry, was more likely to be praised in the mainstream media than the former giant, Tencent and Evergreen Netease.

People’s homes are often criticized. And it was praised.

The reason for the praise is always the perfect world leading domestic game to expand overseas.

More than once, the CCTV, including the radio, is often showing its face. Although, the way the perfect world marches overseas, in fact, is the same as the current number of overseas hot spots of our palace fighting drama, mainly in Southeast Asia.

In other words, the slogan of film and tour linkage was first put forward by the perfect world ten years ago, and the foresight is quite high.

Yan Juan Raiders, such as Yi Chuan is still pinching,

However, the burning of sweet honey is also a new condition of the perfect world.

On August 21, Perfect World released its semi-annual report for 2018, with revenue of $3.667 billion in the first half of the year, up 2.2% from a year earlier, and net profit of $707 million after deduction, up 16.76% from a year earlier.

It is noteworthy that although the business income of the Perfect World has not changed much, the composition of business income has changed considerably.

In the first half of 2018, the game revenue of Perfect World dropped to 2.663 billion yuan, down 13.26% from a year earlier, while the revenue of film and television increased by 93.85% to 1.040 billion yuan, accounting for 27.38% of operating income from 14.43%.

Game revenue has dropped, and film revenue has risen.

In today’s ailing gaming industry, is the perfect world really turning around in a magnificent fashion with Honey in the Frost?

Yan Juan Raiders, such as Yi Chuan is still pinching,

In this regard, the international financial daily and Book Music exchanged. It is foolish to think:

Perfect World is the mainstream domestic game companies, the first to play two forward-looking banners that go overseas and film and travel companies.

After more than a decade of planning and development, the former has successfully entered the less developed countries, forming a perfect game in the field of sustained combat key; while the latter is mostly concentrated on investment and participation in the form of income boom more rely on “just” incubated to one or two explosives, not really. Positive reaching the battle, also did not really feed its game, especially in the broader derivatives of the film game link, the temporary lack of eye-catching performance.

As for the C out of the way, into the film and television industry, a joke: Perfect this time may be able to match the “Yanxi strategy” hot spot, in the mainstream media show a small face.

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