Bulletin board issued “spring rain plan”, Sequoia, Yuan Yuan and other seven capital invested more than 1 billion yuan.

Original title: newsletter nail release “spring rain plan”, Sequoia, Yuan Yuan and other seven capital invested more than 1 billion yuan.

Investors reported on August 24 that the DING Summit of Alibaba, held in Chongqing during the Chi-Po Expo, unmanned CEO announces that the “Spring Rain Plan” will be launched immediately, focusing on supporting outstanding application developers and service providers in nail ecology, and jointly promoting Chinese enterprises to achieve intelligent mobile office mode in the cloud and mobile era.

The “Spring Rain Plan” has been invested by seven investment institutions, including Yuanhuang Capital, Yunfeng Fund, Innovation Works, Sequoia Capital China Fund, True Fund, Ginkgo Valley, Zhejiang University Joint Venture, and will invest a total of more than 1 billion yuan in support funds, as well as nail down the previous 1 billion yuan ecological development fund. The common empowerment enterprises serve the ecosystem.

The outbreak of business services has become a consensus of the industry, from the investment events in 2017, business services have exceeded e-commerce, cultural entertainment and health ranking first. The announcement of the “Spring Rain Plan” and the positive response of the seven venture capitalists have once again focused the industry’s attention on the toB service market.

Nail CEO no move, Nail hope that through the depth of the combination of capital, so that more excellent application developers and service providers enjoy more powerful support, get faster growth rate, further meet the diversified needs of corporate customers, promote Chinese enterprises in the cloud and mobile era to make full use of advanced intelligent mobile office Public way.

In Yuan’s view, the service as a slow bull service is coming to the eve of the rapid outbreak. Prior to this, Yuanhuang Capital has a deep distribution in the field of enterprise services. Yuanhuang will continue to explore in the field of enterprise services for outstanding companies such as investment law, social security, Kangaroo Cloud, Moan Technology, Qingchuang and Qijiayun.

Chen Hongliang, Yuanhuang Capital Partner, said that enterprise services are evolving toward the direction of data, online, cloud, “data on one, many enterprises, even upstream and downstream enterprises process transformation and cross-network coordination will occur, which contains a lot of entrepreneurial and investment opportunities.” In this process, nailing and Aliyun become more and more mature as a common platform for nurturing entrepreneurship and service innovation, and “we are very optimistic about the ecological infrastructure created by nailing platforms, and willing to continue in-depth cooperation with nailing.”

It is understood that as of March 31, 2018, the number of enterprise organizations on nails has reached over 700. Meanwhile, from March 2017 to March 2018, the number of stapled developers increased from 30,000 to 100,000, the number of enterprise applications offered increased from 70,000 to 140,000, and the number of service enterprises increased from 1.2 million to 3 million. An ecosystem of enterprise service innovation is growing rapidly.

Sicheng, vice president of nailing, said that the nailing team is providing in-depth support to the entrepreneurial partners in the field of enterprise services through a comprehensive “6+1” empowerment system in terms of products, technology, operations, markets, services, organizations and capital, so as to enhance their endogenous growth and accelerate their explosive transformation in products. And service experience to win the market with reputation.

Sicheng further introduced that the Enterprise Service Ecology Investment Alliance (ESEI) will soon land and participate in nail-led activities, such as the imminent nail incubator and accelerator, the annual nail wound SaaS competition and so on. Members of the alliance will integrate their respective resource advantages, work together to tap the field of enterprise services outstanding developers and service providers, and jointly prosper the new ecology.

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