Are you hungry? PK, the US team is going to the left and right.

Original title: are you hungry? PK, a US delegation to the left and right.

With a 45% increase, being the front-runner in the distribution of Ali’s local living services, and receiving more than $3 billion in investment commitments with word-of-mouth, are you hungry for the good in the near future? This is only half a year’s answer after Ali’s entry.

By contrast, the old rival has not been idle, and the US has tried to expand in many areas, based on its borderless business. Actively create local life service platform. However, in addition to take-out, although the U. S. troupe in wine and other business layout has been unable to get rid of Ctrip, where to go and other platforms under the “Millennium II” status.

All sorts of signs show that the take-out market is becoming the vanguard of the trillion-level local life service market, and the star sea of local life service, along with the shuffle of the whole industry structure, has entered a new stage of development.

Are you hungry? PK, the US team is going to the left and right.

An increase of 45%. Why did you get hungry?

On the 21 day, AI media consulted and released the “first half of 2018 China online takeaway Market Research Report”. Data show that online takeout market transactions in the first half of the year exceeded 125 billion yuan, with an estimated transaction size of 243 billion yuan, slowing to 18.4% year-on-year growth. In 2018, the new retail sector showed a rapid growth momentum. Among them, the sales volume of hungry Moxin retail business increased by 45% in the second quarter, becoming a new growth point of take-out market.

It is noteworthy here that the new retail business here is not take-out, but hungry in the super convenience, fruits, vegetables, flowers, pharmaceuticals and other new retail sales volume growth. What we see here is that apart from the core business of takeout, hungry Mozheng is gradually gaining a foothold in more categories. The growth of these new categories of business is more difficult than takeout, but once done, it releases more vitality. At this point, hungry can be said to go ahead.

The implementation of this take-out + new retail strategy has left hungry people abandoning the model of subsidizing big wars to seize stock markets and overtaking on new retail curves. In the words of Wang Lei, vice president and CEO of Alibaba, we are not only seeing market opportunities and their own ecological synergies, but also the ability to mobilize resources to maximize synergies and seize the new retail outlet. A clear strategy and firm commitment are the reasons why we are hungry for success. “

In fact, the increase of 45% can also be regarded as a half year test of hunger. After joining Ali for six months, did she give up an excellent examination paper? And this is just the beginning. Just a few days ago, Alibaba Group announced the first quarter of fiscal year 2019 (2018.4.1-2018.6.30) financial results show: Alibaba Group announced the establishment of a holding company, as a flagship local life services company, hold hungry and reputation.

Meanwhile, Ali announced independent financing for the company, and has received more than $3 billion in investment commitments from investors such as Alibaba and Softbank Group.

It can be said that under the hungry + word-of-mouth left and right hand, Ali “home” and “shop” two scenarios of the common force, not only 1 + 1 equals 2, but will be more than 2 chemical reaction to accelerate the local life service market to upgrade the new retail. In this sense, hungry is not actually hungry before, but will take-out and new retail business categories together, around the home scene, deep farming. At the same time, in the Ali ecosystem, we must continue to make the layout thoroughly.

Hungry and drop taking are the left and right hands of the US regiment.

Compared with the hungry, the US group opened its listing year this year. Although it is about to appear in the two tier market. However, the two tier market is not the redemption of the large unicorn.

On the one hand, the US group is in the hearing stage of listing so that it can not continue to subsidize new businesses. And this time gap, just let hungry and new entrants to the drop take-out have more opportunities and space to seize share. That is to say, in their own can not “move” under, the U. S. Troupe or can only be eager to watch the competitors to layout, implementation, and their hearts are superfluous and inadequate.

Here, it is worth noting that hungry and drop taking are becoming the left and right hands of the US regiment. Are you hungry? Relying on Ali’s powerful new retail eco-chain, Ali has taken the lead in a new round of takeaway market. Right, there are drops of takeaway in the city to the United States to fight for users. Although this kind of competition will bring certain impact to the hungry, but because the hungry have already shared Ali 88VIP membership system and other Ali system resources, so they have a strong desensitization ability to face new entrants. But not only was it a direct target of takeaway, but it was unable to come up with the same Subsidy Plan during the public hearing, so it could only watch the mountain and the river empty together with the takeaway.

One figure is that the results of the merger have been transformed into market share breakthroughs in many cities: 100,000 new paid members were added in Hangzhou in July, and the turnover of late-night snack hours rose by 45%; the turnover of the first 15 days of July in Changsha increased by 15% compared with the first 15 days of June; and in Nanjing, it was only half a month, hungry or not. 5% of the market share was returned from the US group.

On the other hand, the U.S. group has been on the road of expanding its business without borders in the past two years, in many areas. This is very easy for the outside world to build the impression of the local life service platform. But after careful investigation, it is still biased against its most primitive group buying and takeaway business. Take the American Group’s second business, the Wine Tour, for example. Although it may seem that the American Group is doing something different, it is not an effective direction for expansion on Wall Street. Because the market has been controlled by vertical platforms such as Ctrip, * where to go, flying pigs travel, etc., leaving the US group with little porridge with nutritional value.

Take away the local life service, “hungry and beautiful”.

Compared with the American troupe, after the Ali ecosystem under the “improvement”, hungry now more focused on local life services, in the development of food and beverage take-out business on the basis of non-meal business as a new force to help the platform overtaking. Just this summer, according to Reuters, hungry people will spend $1 billion a month on subsidies and marketing this summer to compete for more market share.

Reuters pointed out that hungry mothers will spend a total of 3 billion yuan in the three months from July to September to increase their market share to more than 50% in the short and medium term.

Indeed, the acquisition of hungry, back to Ali, and Ali’s ecology under the local life service as the largest new retail traffic entrance, Ali’s investment is naturally unlimited. After the summer campaign, hungry has actually advanced not only in catering but also in new non-catering retail businesses, as evidenced by the 45% increase shown in the aforementioned Erie report. Halfway through this year, the fierce hunger is expected to rely on the strength of the fourth quarter and further growth.

And as more and more take-outs are coming out in cities, the takeaway market on which the US troupe relies is actually in the midst of a hungry battle, in which the US troupe is undoubtedly the one caught between the left and the right. This makes the US group’s market share and growth likely to be greatly reduced. At least, the troupe couldn’t fall asleep safely, because the old takeout nest was poked, the new retail category couldn’t match hunger, and because it was ready to go on the market, it could not use subsidies against dropping takeout, so the troupe was itchy, but there was no medicine to stop itching.

Overall, the potential of new retail as the next key point in the local life service platform has emerged. For hungry, continuous attack is the necessity of improving market position. But for the US troupe, how to withstand the double attacks from hungry or dripping still faces a serious challenge.

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